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We Love Gmail!

It's easy to see why Gmail is so popular. It has all the features you need to stay organized, backed by the game-changing innovation of

Google. No wonder so many people rely on it for their lives and businesses. But what if there was a way to make gmail even simpler?

Introducing Day Won. It's your Gmail, streamlined---and all with one click.

Day Won is for people who want to:


See all contacts, calendar events and tasks---without using the cumbersome search tool


Quickly view all of the email and events associated with your contacts


Eliminate those head-scratching scrambles through your inbox to find the one email you need right now


Be more productive by getting more done in less time


Fully manage your life or business with the email tool you're already using

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Why Use Day Won?

You're already using Gmail to organize your life and business, yet flipping back and forth between screens eats minutes if not hours every time you open your inbox. You're trying to accomplish more, not less!

Time isn't just money---it's freedom. If you're spending yours trying to manage the tools that are supposed to be working for
you instead of against you, who really owns your time?

Link your tools

Day Won makes it easier for you by linking all of yours contacts, to-do lists, and calendar events in one accessible place. You can even send emails right from its interface.


It syncs with your account, so every new task you assign, every new email you get, and every new event you schedule is seamlessly added to your dashbord. The process works both ways---and any change you make in Day Won is automatically made in Gmail. You never have to worry about making an update twice.

Accessible Anywhere

Day won is accessible on any computer, tablet or mobile device, and you don't have to be online to get the benefit. If you're the type who works better from a hard copy, your Day Won screens are also optimized for quick and painless printing.


Even better? Day Won is Completely secure. You sign in using Google's own credentialing process.  That means we never store your password and you are the only one who can access your data.

Who Is It For?


Andrew's in college, with 4 classes and a social life to handle.  He's saving his time, energy and brainpower for mid-terms, which is why Day Won is his go-to way to organize his classwork, group meetings and that flight to Cancun for spring break.


This is Jill. Next Saturday is her daughter's birthday party, and with a cake to order, invites to send and entertainment to schedule, she needs a system that can keep up. Day Won is how she stays on top of it all.

Small Business Owners

Sam runs a small business, and the next meeting with his biggest client starts in 5 minutes. He uses Day Won to read up on all of the project notes and assign tasks to his team. While he's waiting for his client to arrive, he sends a fast email to his vendor, and he's finished in time to shake hands and sign deals.


Tom is a manager for a large company. Day Won allows him to keep track of projects he's working on with others in his department, as well as, details of a big report he owes his boss next month. Additionally, Day Won lets him manage the many details of his son's little league team that he coaches.

How To Get Started

1.   Try it now for free*.  Log into Day Won with your Google account.  (It's the same password and username as your Gmail, so there's no new pesky log-ins to remember!)

2.  Day Won pulls in all of your contacts, tasks, calendar events and emails and displays them for you to view at a glance.

3.  Create new contacts, tasks, calendar events or emails through your dashboard, and Day Won will save and sync them for you.

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About Us

We are problem solvers. Even though Gmail is an incredible tool, we knew we could make it even better for our colleagues, friends and users. So we utilized patent-pending technology to build Day Won. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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